The Power of Attitude – (eBook)


The Power of Attitude – (eBook)


Discover your dominant attitude, recognise your friends and family by the attitude they display and learn how you can improve your attitude for success in all areas of your life through the pages of The Power of Attitude

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Product Description

Attitude Affects Every Area of Your Life: Change Your Attitude and Change your Life


  • Become more energetic, optimistic and passionate in life?
  • Regain your personal power to feel happy and more grateful?
  • Boost your self-esteem and improve your self-image?
  • Master your emotions and silence your negative self-talk?
  • Become magnetic to attract loving and nurturing relationships?
  • Avoid conflicts and improve your prospects of job promotions?
  • Shatter your self-doubt, regain confidence and have more fun?

Today learn how to improve your attitude for personal and professional success

In this Book you’ll:

  • Discover the 10 Attitude types people display
  • Identify your dominant attitude type
  • Recognise your friends and family members by their attitude
  • Eliminate the negative attitudes that hold you back from your dreams
  • Discover 10 easy ways to improve and change negative attitude
  • Banish the wrong beliefs that hold you back from success
  • Learn how to manifest your hidden potential and have more fun
  • Experience freedom from fears, worry and anxiety
  • Reclaim your ability to value and love yourself
  • Uncover 3 easy steps to replace negative attitude with a positive one for success


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