Money Management And Financial Freedom Workshop

Money Management Workshop

Money Management And Financial Freedom Workshop


How to Manage Your Relationship With Money and Improve all areas of your life

Do you desire Financial Freedom, Money Management Success and Financial Independence?
If so this workshop is for you.

Improve your relationship with money and you can improve all other areas of your life.

Product Description

This Money Management Workshop is for you:

If you desire Financial Freedom, Money Management Success or Financial Independence?

You can have it all

Your attitude and relationship to money is the key to your financial freedom. With financial freedom comes freedom from money worries and fears about paying bills and having enough money to enjoy daily living.

Research studies suggest that your relationship to money governs all other areas of your life. If you can improve your attitude and relationship towards money, all other areas of your life will also improve. This will enhance your work ethics, career prospects and promotions, relationships and finances.

Did you know that most people display 10 different attitude types from the negative to the positive?

This affects their money blueprint and relationship with money. Money worries and issues are the major causes of divorce, depression, domestic violence, suicide, stress, insomnia, over-eating, alcoholism, conflict and family breakups.

Most of us are not financially literate. Many people cannot manage the money they earn and already have.

Financial education is not taught at schools and colleges. Most parents don’t know much about money so we inherited their money worries, limiting habits and misconceptions about money. These compound our money problems later in life and cause us untold stress and physical illness.

Today many people are drowning in debt or are buried under their bills unable to find a way out of the constant money struggle.

But help is at hand

Since 2007, Apostle Dr. Joshua-Amadi has been teaching Money Management classes and providing practical support through the charity she founded and directs. Liberty International is a registered charity dedicated to helping the disadvantaged, distressed and discontent to heal from their past, become whole and self-reliant as active and productive members of their families and the communities where they live.

Many have achieved this goal and now enjoy financial freedom while the rest are managing their money independent of money lenders, family supporters and public funds.

Apostle Dr. Joshua-Amadi also holds Money Management Workshops to help financially burdened and stressed men and women discover the spiritual pillars of money, banish their fears and self-doubt to become financially literate, manage their money as good stewards and be free from money worries, conflicts and debts. Many have also achieved this goal.

Her professional background as a qualified and experienced medical doctor, Spiritual teacher, academic and an MBA graduate with a bias for money management, has given her a broad base from which to approach many needs of her clients and members and help them.

You can become financially FREE

At this workshop you’ll discover:

  • Your money blueprint and how to improve or change it
  • The spiritual laws of money so you can work them to your advantage
  • Simple strategies proven to guide you to financial freedom
  • The Spiritual root of money and how it can work for you
  • Debt-Busting Techniques that can work wonders for your finances
  • Limiting beliefs that hold you back from making money
  • Your mental barriers to money and how to overcome them
  • How to manage the money you have or earn now and make it grow
  • How to keep out of debt and avoid slavery to lenders
  • How to eliminate money worries, anxieties and stress over money
  • Leave with a proven blueprint that sets you on the path to financial freedom

Many people just like you have achieved this goal so why not you?

Come expecting and you will be so glad you did.

Be Blessed, highly favored and prosperous as you come




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