Emotional Transformation for Living Stress-FREE in Abundance, Health, Wealth and Happiness


Emotional Transformation for Living Stress-FREE in Abundance, Health, Wealth and Happiness


Early Bird Price (Discounted from £997)

To help you live in Abundance, wealth, health and happiness

You can walk STRESS-FREE from toxic emotions

You can lay down the heavy baggage of the past 

You can live and love again to find joy and happiness

You can be more productive living the life you love

Product Description

Emotional Transformation Seminar empowers you to turn past betrayal, rejection or disease like headache or cancer,  into purpose and meaning and live STRESS-FREE in health and happiness. Smart employers can retain emotionally balanced staff to help them increase productivity and improve profits.

Joshuaamadi Soulutions, and Liberty International Organisation, dedicated to whole person wellness and transformation, are proud to open registration for this signature program to help you end the suffering and live stress-free in Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Emotional pain and trauma can come from many sources and can express itself in a variety of manners. Broken relationships, divorce, disease, sickness, loss, traumatic events, and money problems can all cause deep emotional pain, wounds and suffering.

Relationship experts say that the current high levels of Emotional suffering is due to lack of relationship skills and economic stress. Divorce courts and lawyers are busy and divorce rates are rising beyond 50% of all marriages.

Research into chronic diseases suggests that 90% of them are caused by internal and external stress. By focusing our effort on dealing with the harmful effects of stress and issues of the heart that limit some people in their progress at home and work, we can end the suffering from chronic debilitating disease conditions.

Here’s  help.

Joshuaamadi Soulutions and Liberty International Organisation are dedicated to transforming lives at the heart of life’s issues – Emotions. We live and act from emotions. 90% of the Issues of life, like habit, beliefs, pain and traumas of the past are hidden within emotions.

By examining these heart issues at source and healing them, needless suffering, pain, frustrations and untimely deaths are ended and lives are transformed to live in abundance, wealth, health and happiness. Many lives have been transformed and yours can too.

The “Emotional Transformation Seminar” is a three-day long event in Central London’s IBIS hotel. Registration is now open online at www.Eventbrite.co.uk  Access link:  http://bit.ly/1p2xtJd

This powerful seminar allows you and others from all works of life, to come and share heart issues so you can transform and rebuild your life.

Previous attendees report being inspired, motivated and better equipped to relate with others at home, work and play and experience abundance living.

This three-day seminar is one of its kind. It is held in Central London, at the prestigious IBIS Hotel from 16-18 October 2014. The seminar host, Dr Joshua-Amadi, is a seasoned medical practitioner, academic and spiritual teacher with sixteen years experience in transforming lives.

Smart employers who help their workers heal from their past and transform their emotions retain happier and more productive workers for increased profits and better staff retention.

Who is this seminar for?

The seminar is open to all ages and genders

If you are currently living below par while wishing you were happier, healthier and richer

This seminar is for you

Bring along and be ready to transform your:

  • Stress
  • Issues of the heart
  • Destructive habits
  • Doubts and fears
  • Emotional blocks
  • Emotional wounds
  • Emotional pain
  • Frustrations and anxieties
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative attitude
  • Physical illness including cancer
  • Emotional problems and challenges

Some topics covered by the seminar include:

  • Manifestations of emotional pain, disease and suffering
  • Effects of emotions on health and wealth
  • Effects of emotions on relationships
  • Effects of emotions on organizational productivity and profits
  • How to deal with the past and live stress-free from emotional suffering
  • How to walk free from emotional suffering into joy and happiness
  • 7 spiritual laws of health and how to use them for wholeness
  • 3 spiritual laws of wealth and how to use them for abundance
  • Emotional intelligence
  • How to live your dream life free from emotional stress and suffering

The teachings at these unique seminars inspire, motivate and equip attendees with insights, tools and techniques for managing emotional interaction in daily life and living in abundance in all areas.

Come and discover the powerful testimonies of notable people who have overcome their past  and transformed their lives into purpose and meaning for profits. They are now victors of their past and not victims.

Date: TBA

Venue: The prestigious  IBIS Hotel in Central London

Times: 8.30am to 6pm daily

Early Discounted Price :£ 850.00


3 monthly Newsletters to support you on our Emotional Transformation Journey

Online email support as needed for 3 Months

FREE  articles on emotional Wellness and Wholeness


Special hotel accommodation and parking packages are available. Just email us your requirements for the access code

Team leaders, employers and managers who send employees can enjoy free admittance as VIPs to this powerful transformational seminar.

To Your Transformation, Abundance Living and Happiness


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